The Do's and Don'ts of a First Date

Nervous about your first date? Not sure if you're going to make a good impression? Worried that you're too shy, or not the kind of man that escorts will be used to?

Fear not. Here are some simple Dos and Don'ts to help you feel reassured and confident about your first date with an escort. 

Do: Know what you want. Are you looking for the fun of a London escort or something more serious? Knowing your own desires is the key to finding happiness and women are no different.

Don’t: Be late. Really nothing is more irritating and shows a lack of respect more than being late. Start as you mean to go on and you're sure to make a good impression!

Do: Be courteous. Just because chivalry is dead and feminism has risen to fill the void, it doesn’t mean you need to be rude, crude and crass. No one likes a boorish oaf, especially not on a date.

Don’t: Patronise her. Pull out her chair, open a door, be nice. But don’t treat her as if she is a special little flower and cannot cope on her own. There is a fine line between nice and being disrespectful.

Do: Choose someone you feel an immediate attraction to. Whether you’re picking a date or a London escort, they have to excite you to look at. There’s no substitute for attraction. But...

Don’t: Just go by looks alone. She might look great, but can you imagine spending an hour over dinner talking to someone who has nothing in common with you? It’s never worth it, and you won’t hit it off.

Do: Pick something interesting. Going to a French restaurant is nice and all, but it can be a little boring. Try something new and exciting.

Don’t: Go overboard. Whether that means trying too hard to be different or showing up with a dozen roses, there is no reason to make yourself look overeager or just plain crazy.

Do: Treat her with respect. Whatever happens, whether she is a subservient London escort or someone you’ve just met, remember she’s a person as well as your date. She has feelings, just like you. No one likes to feel like a piece of meat.

Don’t: Worry too much. For all our advice, that’s all it is - advice. Trust your instincts, act naturally and try to have fun, and your date is sure to have fun too.