London's Best Events in August 2019

London's Best Events in August 2019

London is the largest city in Europe and with that distinction it is only expected that there will be hundreds of events every month. We believe that if you plan on going to one of these events and taking one of our London Escorts, you should know some of the best events going on in this great city and our personal recommendations which will provide an engaging evening out and a wonderful date.

This is like a Prison, but Fun! 

Alcotraz is an event like not many others, being functionally a bar night with drinks, food and the like, whilst also being unique in the fact that you get taken to prison. Not literally, but you don the attire of a prisoner and then try to “sneak in” past the guards with your drinks from the bar to get to the cocktail bar, situated inside the titular Alcotraz. Whatever drinks you bring with you, will be used in making the cocktails inside so you can tailor the night to your tastes which alleviates any worry about it being out of your comfort zone, and as always alcohol can be used to help you relax alongside your London escort. It takes place every week throughout August, but starts next week in July.

Alcotraz in London

James Moriarty and Ellaria Sand Recreate Noël Coward's Famous 'Present Laughter'

The Old Vic has been home to many bands, artists, debates and talks but it is most famously known for the spectacular plays that happen there. An example of this is currently happening with 'Sherlock' or rather 'Moriarty' famous Andrew Scott, who plays the main character of Coward's famous play from 1939 which has been portrayed by many different actors over the years namely, Sir Ian Mckellen and Rik Mayall. The tale is about a self-centred but extremely affluent comedy actor, who has to deal with his issues of various forms of seduction coming his way as well as committing to touring Africa amid a mid-life crisis. It is guaranteed to make you laugh and cry, after which you could use a little relaxation.

Present Laughter at the Old Vic

You'll Laugh Until Your Pants Fall Off... in Secret

There's plenty of things happening at the Covent Garden, it is in the West End so theatre, entertainment and fashion stores. But amongst all this, there is a comedy club with one of the largest cult followings in the UK with some of the highest ratings on Google amongst clubs in the UK. With many notable events and acts happening everyday, with Ivo Graham, James Acaster and Jack Whitehall all appearing in the past. Currently they are still working on their rotation but due to our flexible London Escorts schedule, we would be able to accommodate you no matter which act you want to see. And why would you not want to go where some of the most famous British comedians got their start, or you'll just laugh really hard and then be swept off your feet even easier by any one of our wonderful Escorts.

Top Secret Comedy Club in Covent Garden

Ever Wanted to Spend an Evening Drifting Through the Thames?

Look no further, as the Thames Lates is the latest in boat parties for the gentlemanly sort, a speedy drift throughout the Thames seeing all the famous landmarks London has to offer that you maybe missed before. This is alongside cocktails provided by London Cocktail Club, and it features a DJ to help you relax and get into the mood. Think less seasick and more see great. These will be happening all throughout the summer so don't forget to catch a boat ride during this time.

Thames Rockets, Thames Lates

These are simply some of the best events going down in London in August, check back another time for some more recommendations as to where to treat our London escorts to for a guaranteed good time for yourself and the lady you're bringing.