Friday Night Dinner

Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for as long as we can remember, dating back to pre-Christian origins. The history of Valentine’s Day involved nudity and whipping young ladies backsides to improve fertility (lets call it the early forms of IVF treatment). It is now better known as the incarnation of selling commercial goods, as shops stock their shelves high with chocolate, flowers, and jewellery to celebrate a day of love and romance.

Although somewhat implausible, the legend of the event is based upon the the Christian priest, Valentine of Rome, who lived during the reign of Emperor Claudius, when he was arrested for giving aid to prisoners. Whilst in jail, he fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer whose eyesight he apparently cured. He would send her notes saying: “From your Valentine.” Apparently, Valentine was arrested for secretly conducting weddings and was sentenced to death on the 14th February. His death has become a significant mark in history ever since, and the celebration of Valentine’s Day was born.

With other notable affairs that occurred over the following centuries, including William Shakespeare’s tribute to Saint Valentine in Ophelia’s lamentation in Hamlet: “To be your Valentine”, the Valentines Day’s traditions we are familiar with did not kick off until the mid-18th century. If you are anti-Valentine’s, you might call the year of 1913 the end of the celebration as a true romantic event, for this is the year that Hallmark Cards produced their first Valentine’s card, and the need for spending money rather than showing sentiment began.

Do You Long For Your Own Valentine?

It is estimated around one billion cards will be sent this year, making it the second most card-heavy celebration after Christmas. But what if you have no one to send a card to? Do you long to have a Valentine of your own? The English escorts wish to spend the 14th Feb with a handsome companion, in need of good company and a touch of beauty. Strawberry Girls have a beautiful array of girls to suit any man’s needs, which can be seen from the exquisite gallery of hot escorts that you can view here. From brunette to busty, blonde to mature, Strawberry has the perfect girl for you to spoil on this romantic celebration.

The cynical people who believe the reinvention of the event is nothing but a savagely, sneaky imposed practice, designed to guilt-trip lovers into spending unnecessary amounts of cash on unwanted cheesy gifts, are rather bitter towards love and romance. Gifts are tokens of appreciation and love, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. A single red rose can say a lot more than a huge bouquet of 100 roses, but every girl loves to be spoiled and romanced.

Have you been yearning for excitement? Valentine’s Day with one of the dominatrix escorts will undoubtedly fulfill all your desires and fantasies you perhaps can’t approach on the first, or even second, date. The dating game is a long obstacle course with the finishing line far from sight, so rather than see another lonely Valentines pass you by, book one of the Strawberry stunners who will ensure it will be an event you won’t forget. It is understandable that men can tire of trying to impress the ladies and being one to take control of the situation. The dominatrix escort will happily take control of the evening and have you eating out the palm of her hand.

The traditional gifts are always appreciated by any woman, even a beautiful dominatrix goddess. A delectable box of chocolate truffles and a bottle of champagne to share are the perfect offering at the beginning of a V day date, followed by a delicious meal and pleasant conversation. The rest of your night will follow however you want it.

Valentine Preparation

The art to a perfect Valentine’s Day is preparation. Organisational skills are crucial to ensuring the date goes to plan. Men only have to worry about dinner reservations, a gift or two, and making sure they are looking suave and fresh. The blonde escorts on the other hand have to pamper and beautify themselves, as even the smallest hair out of place will never do. The preparations for the romantic event are not just a week or two before.

Restaurants carefully choose their Valentine’s menu shortly after Christmas, and prepare the decoration and ambiance in good time. Chocolatiers practice their craftsmanship to make sure this Valentine’s will be one a chocoholic will always remember. The red rose takes a lot longer and are farmed all year round in Kenya. Every year, 120 million rose stems are transported overseas to Britain and other European countries and the farmers work hard to ensure each rose is rich in colour, soft to the touch and just perfect for every lady. If you come prepared this Valentine’s Day bearing gifts, appreciation and love, these girls will ensure it will be on you’ll live to remember.