Our Escort Recruitment Policy

Are you an attractive woman who is dedicated to bringing pleasure wherever she goes? A real stunner with the kind of charm that frequently leaves men feeling breathless? Looking for something to spice up your life and add a little touch of adventure to an existence that’s starting to become a little mundane. Then you might be interested in our escort recruitment scheme.-

It’s the perfect way to get into the profession or take a step up if you’ve been working as an independent working girl. All you have to do is give us a ring, send over some photos and we’ll be happy to have a good look at you. If you meet the specifications that we’re looking for, then we’ll be happy to offer one of our many escort jobs. Exactly what you end up doing is entirely up to you: if you enjoy it and there’s a good call for girls in that specialism then you could be working for us before you know it.

Why VLondon?

. Privacy. We’re dedicated to providing an environment where our girls can really shine and show off their best skills. No matter what it is that interests you, no matter what you want to do behind closed doors, we make sure that it stays that way. Whenever a girl applies for one of our escort jobs, we make every effort to ensure that her discretion is preserved. This means you can lead a double life, without anyone being any the wiser.

. Popular. We’re one of the most reasonable agencies in the capital, run by a team who have worked at some of the most popular companies around. We know how to draw in the punters, so your time with us is never going to be quiet. We can bring in a serious amount of clients, so ladies looking to take this profession seriously can easily make hefty amounts of cash with little hassle.

. Safe. We take all payments upfront, ensuring your safety at a client’s location. Not only that but we also send all of our ladies out via our own taxis. Unlike many in the world of escort recruitment, we care your wellbeing on every step of the journey. You can rest assured that a car is waiting just outside, should you need to leave for any reason. We look after our girls.

. Expertise. When you first thought to apply for escort jobs, you no doubt worried that it may lead to you becoming embroiled in a world that you didn’t know. It can be all too confusing for a new lady to enter such a place, and many have worried that they’re being overwhelmed so they never even start. They’re in desperate need of a kind, helping hand, and that’s exactly what we offer. Our attentive staff will be on hand to give you all the support you need, and ensure that your transition into this industry is a smooth one.

. Lucrative. Let’s be honest, the main reason why most women even look into escorts recruitment is that they want to make a little bit of extra money. They’re sure that they have the skills, and so they want to turn that into cold hard cash. There’s no shame in it, but go with a lesser agency and you could easily find yourself paying huge commissions on every booking. We take a very reasonable cut of our girls’ money, ensuring that everyone wins.