Rates & Travel Services

Travel Cost

Any man who’s has looked to hire one of the best ladies in the capital will tell you all about the way that these girls can be a bit of a nightmare to organise. You have to somehow get her from A to B without anyone realising, all for a sensible fee. Even the most meticulous of planners can struggle with that sometimes, but thankfully we’re here to offer a solution.

All of our ladies arrive in prepaid, unmarked taxis. You don’t have to worry about a thing: we’ve taken care of it all. Not only that, but because we give the taxi firm so much business, we can offer you an incredible rate. This is a fixed cost, regardless of how many hours you have booked with your babe.

We start with a base rate of £20. If you’re located within 20 miles of central point, that’s all you’ll pay: a real steal considering the normal rates taxis charge in this city! If you’re between 20-30 miles away it’s £30, and if you’re 30-40 it’s £40. If you’re right on the edge of the city, over 50 miles away from central point, don’t despair. Call us and we’ll be able to work out a bespoke rate that works for you.

Payment Methods

We accept most payment methods, but the two most common are for you to pay in cash at the start of your booking, or to send the money via a transfer at the time of booking. Please notify us of your payment choice beforehand, as we can be quite flexible if given proper notice.