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This little slice of suburbia is one that most people tend not to know about. They have a rough idea where it is, but few have actually been. It’s just one of those places really. The most famous local attraction is, of course, the race course. Ask almost anyone in the capital or even the country about the area, and this will be what springs to mind at first. Most people tend to think it’s the kind of place where you go if you have the sort of money to be skipping work on a Tuesday afternoon, the sort of location inhabited by those with money and traditional tastes. Ask the average Londoner about the place and they’ll probably be imagining a gentleman in his late 30, with coiffed hair and impeccably cut suits. What they won’t be imagining is one of the hottest girls that the capital has to offer, yet that’s exactly what you’ll find if you look at our Epsom escorts.

After all, it’s not all gentle teas in the afternoon and sensible behaviour idea. The idea that this place is likely trapped in what appears to be a blatant Austen knockoff might be amusing but to locals it’s slightly annoying. There is indeed a fair amount of money here, and it is much more traditional than many places in the middle of town. The idea that it’s stuck in the past however, is laughable to anyone who has actually been there. On the weekends, there are plenty of people out, painting the town red and having the time of their lives. Seeing an escort in Epsom means seeing a girl that’s going to be excited and adventurous, not traditional.

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