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Shop til you Drop

As the shopping arm of one of the most exclusive districts in the city, most would expect this place to be full of designer boutiques. And in some ways it is, with the designer, organic supermarket in a department store shell being the centre of attention for so many. With its endless variety of expensive products, it wows people that are used to shopping in the bigger chains, that’s’ for sure. But those very same chains do exist around here, further down on this street. In fact, the further down you go, the more likely you are to see another soulless corporate behemoth on the street. Ask any High Street Kensington escort and she’s sure to agree, so why is that?

It’s likely because of the fact that the area is actually right on the edge of what most would consider to be its exclusive district. It might sound odd to most, but it’s more of the touristy end. It’s the place where people can go and get their shop done and where the area bleeds into its neighbours. It’s lacking in the big boutiques because that market is located further down the road, towards the river. The idea of a casual part of Kensington is somewhat laughable given the inhabitants and the cost of living here, but it is somewhat true.

The Best Around

Thankfully the drop off might be big for the area but in relative terms it’s nothing. As our High Street Kensington escorts will tell you, the everyday for this area is still exceptional everywhere else. The things you’ll see here will still thrill you, will still blow you away with just how incredible that they can be. Head out to these parts and you’re in for a treat, no matter who you are.

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