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The city of Harrow on the Hill is presently an affluent area that actually the richest sector of London. Thus it is regarded as the affluent area of the town. The name has owned its significance from the historic place. There are many such places which have their notable significance and demands with the different rates of gratitude in terms of culture as well as the importance. The city includes its famous schools that are independent. There are rich records of the etymologies that are places of pagan worships. The meaning of the place is church upon hills.
The population demography of the place was 9, 578 and it occupies an area though the hill occupies approximately 100 hectares. The ward’s boundaries encompass the majority of the hill and also parts of city that is surrounded by hills in the majority. The trains to the city of London to go to the interiors and the thus the train transport is the most prominent of all. The banker street is terminated from this route.

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