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On the Edge

Which is what many people find so surprising about us really. After all, this area is really right on the borders of the capital, so the idea that you’ll find great escorts in Chelsfield can be a bit shocking. It’s one of those places that is so far away from central that most people wouldn’t consider it part of the city at all but instead its own separate village. The thing about London though, is that it is essentially just that: a collection of small towns and villages bound together into one collective whole. It’s a beautiful model that comes from the organic growth of the city, unlike the planned spaces so often seen abroad, especially in America. Dozens of communities under the same banner, all loosely associated and gravitating around a central star.

So it’s not really that surprising to see another town be considered a part of the greater area. Even with that in mind though, the distance is quite sizeable for anyone who wants to get into the middle of town. It’s very much a trip, and not something that most people would want to undergo regularly, unless it’s for work. That leaves most people around here staying when it comes to entertainment and leisure. If you want a big night out, most of the time you’ll be keeping to these parts. Which is where our Chelsfield escorts excel. They bring the party to you.

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