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It hasn’t fully hit yet. Full hipsterification is someway off, thankfully. The are retains its soul whilst enjoying something of a makeover, which the locals will be glad to hear. It’s one of those places that will likely survive the wave of middle class late 20s descending upon it with abandon. In 5 years time, it’s going to be just as easy to find a Catford escort, even if the competition for bookings might go up!

Sensible Pricing

When things like this happen, many agencies will put up their prices, but not us. We know it’s hard enough with suddenly every local business catering for the sudden influx of disposable income, and the locals can have their area snatched away from them in a flood of rising prices. That’s why we keep our rates consistent. It doesn’t matter how popular we, or our incredible Catford escorts get, we’ll alway keep the rates low.

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